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Dermaplaning Facial

The procedure involves the use of a 10-inch scalpel, which curves into a sharp point. The blade is used on clean, dry skin on the forehead, cheeks, chin, nose and neck. "You can expect to see an instant improvement in skin texture and tone, while the long-term effects are increased cell turnover, fewer wrinkles and dark spots, reduction of acne scarring, and the removal of fine facial hair

Environ Facial

A customizable facial tending to the clients problem areas. Only Environ products are used which are enriched with vitamin A which has a corrective effect on skin, soothing, protecting from the ultraviolet radiation and softening it. Another focus of Environ products is rejuvenation and Retinol to quench thirsty skin.

Hibiscus Facial

Using Hibiscus this facial will leave your skin glowing and radient.

Hydrating Facial

Versatile facial for clients with all different  sk. Hydrating facial to really dig below the surface to bring out the natural glow and radience of your skin.