After Care

After Care

Aftercare Instructions

The initial 24 - 48 Hours
Avoid getting the lashes wet for the first 24 hours. Also avoid moistures from steams, saunas and swimming pools. No sun tan beds for the first 48 hours. 


Avoid waterproof mascaras and cleansing products with oil. Oil-based products will affect adhesion and will cause lashes to fall out pre-maturely. Also avoid oil-based eyeliner. Should mascara be worn, use only a proof lash extension mascara and only apply to the tips of your extensions. Oil-based or waterproof mascaras will interfere with the bond, causing disastrous effects. Do not use any type of manual lash curlers. Keep your fingers off your lashes. Every time you touch your lashes, you are transferring natural oils and germs. 


Grooming - Brush your lashes with a mascara wand, ideally when your lashes are wet or when you get out of the shower. Please inform all of your service reps regarding your eyelash extensions whenever having facial works done. We recommend that you apply eyelash conditioner. These conditioners seals and hydrates the lashes as well as forming an effective barrier against pollution, sweat and natural oils. 

A natural last cycle is 60-90 days. When one lash falls out, there's another lash growing in. Therefore, you will need regular fills approximately 2-4 weeks. Routine maintenance is needed to keep your lashes looking beautiful. 
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